Are you the type of person who can't make up their mind? If you have a hard time answering that question, then Yes No Maybe is for you. Think of it as your personal crystal ball for those tough moments when you need an opinion from an unbiased outside source. 

     The site is as complicated as it sounds. Just type your question into the big white box and click the "Ask" button when you're done. Then, through the miracle of modern technology, your question will be answered in big huge letters across the top of the screen along with its corresponding background color - green for yes, yellow for maybe, and red for no. It really is that simple. 

     Note: If you haven't figured it out already, Yes No Maybe only works with questions that are not open-ended, and can only be answered with yes, no, or maybe.

     Have fun, and don't take any of the answers too seriously! There is no one sitting behind a computer reading and answering all of the questions you ask! At least, I don't think there is..........

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Text generator
     I'm actually glad I landed on this site. It's one of my favorites...or should I say, one of my favorite favorites. If We Don't, Remember Me (or "IWDRM") has a simple concept, yet speaks a thousand words. It is sure to bring back feelings of nostalgia and put a smile on your face. However, for those of you who are creeped out by still shots with moving eyes (or moving anything for that matter), this website is probably not for you. 
     Now before you start thinking these are gif's, think again. Living movie stills are much more realistic, put together much cleaner, and, as you will find, have a lasting effect on you even after you're done looking at them. 

     With that said, if you're a fan of living movie stills then this is definitely a site you should check out. Even if you're not a fan, or have never seen a living movie still in your life, you will be amazed by these. Guaranteed.
     Some of the stills I've come across that I really like are American Psycho,  Fight Club, and Vertigo, among many others. Here you will find both newer movies as well as classics, and you will not be disappointed!

Click Here to Head On Over to IWDRM!



     Micro jobs are becoming more and more popular across the web, as more people need small jobs and tasks done but don't want to pay a huge amount of money to do so. Likewise, micro job listings are also convenient for people who want to offer their services to the public and put their talents and abilities to good use. 

     This is where 3 to 30 comes in. Here you will find an array of listings made by people who are offering their services to anyone who is interested. From anywhere between $3 and $30 (hence the name), you can have a variety of different things done. 

     For example, under the "Advertising" category you may see posts such as "I'll advertise your company on my blog for $3" and "I'll give you a list of online marketing techniques for $8." In the "Writing and Editing" category, you may find a post that reads "I will proofread and edit your e book for $15." There are many other categories which include "Music and Audio", "Business", "Social Marketing" and many more. There is even a category dedicated to "Silly Stuff" where you may find listings such as "I'll create a top magazine cover with your photo for $4" and "I'll convert pictures to avatars for $10."*

     Anyhoo, it's worth trying out and if anything you'll have a few laughs seeing some of the things people actually post on here!

     * Please note that these are actual listings at the time this post was published

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Seriously? Saturday


     In honor of the first "Seriously? Saturday" post, I wanted to include a website that is - without a single doubt in the world - pointless. 

     On PleaseWait.co.uk, you will find a page with a classic sand timer (what most of us have as an automatic mouse feature to indicate when we are waiting for something to load) and simple black type font spelling out two words. Can you guess what they are?

Click Here For the Time of Your Life! (literally)


     I've been going crazy brainstorming new features I want to add to the site (which no one reads, but it's still fun to add to just in case someone reads it someday lol). 

     I've already implemented one new feature into the site last week, which was "Blind Bookmark Friday" (believe me, I tried to find a word beginning with "f" so it would sound a lot better, but couldn't think of anything that made sense. I had it narrowed down to either "Blind Bookmark Friday" or simply "Favorites Friday", because I couldn't think of a catchy adjective to go in front of "favorites", which is the reason I stuck with the former. I know it sounds ridiculous but hey, gimme a break, I'm not an expert in the catchy titles department! >:( .....)

     This time, in honor of the last few random websites I've come across while site exploring, I have decided to implement another special day into the mix. Readers (that don't exist), say hello to "Seriously? Saturdays".
"Seriously? Saturdays" are now dedicated - in a nutshell - to those usually pointless websites that leave you scratching your head and thinking to yourself... Someone seriously took the time out of their lives to create this site? 

     What you think of these websites is your own opinion. Some of you may find them interesting, some of you will laugh, and some of you will wonder why you didn't think of a website like that first! Everyone has their own opinion. Please remember this is all in good fun and that inclusion of the websites in a "Seriously? Saturday" post is not meant to be insulting or to insinuate anything negative.

     So, with that said, enjoy your future "Seriously? Saturdays" and feel free to comment on how I'm doing, ask a question, or even suggest a website you'd like to see on here!


     ....And you know what that means!

     Welcome to the Wall to Wall Websites very first Blind Bookmark Friday!   As promised, I scrolled blindly through my ever-growing list of favorites, and  the website I landed on is something I'm sure everyone can enjoy (phew!). The very first pick for Blind Bookmark Friday belongs to:

Rainbow Text Generator - http://www.myrainbowtext.com

     GeneratorLand.com is a name generator website. There are about 75 different generators that you can choose from, including the Blog Post Idea Generator, Facebook Status Generator, Screen Name Generator, Horror Movie Title Generator, Reality Show Generator, and so many more.

     There is even an option to create your own generator. The way you do this is first you will be presented with eight boxes on the screen. Each box has a drop down menu, and each drop down menu has the exact same options, such as Adjectives, Colors, Emotions, Interjections, Nouns, Sandwich Ingredients, Transitions, Numbers, First Names, and again, so many more. One of the options you can choose is simply the word "And".

     Once you pick all of your options (anywhere from 1 to 8), you click the "Test Your Generator" button. If you like what you see (and it makes sense), you can choose a name for the generator, a description, and even pick the background theme you would like your generator to have. If you would like to save what you made you need to register with the site first.

     There is also a Generator Land Store where you can buy promotional items like shirts, hats, bags, buttons, stickers, and more. Also, Generator Land members earn points by creating cool stuff and supporting other members. The highest level is "Emu", second is "Kinkajou", third is "Capybara", and last is "The Rest", which the majority of the members are listed under because they are "still building up their generator land portfolios".

     I think that about sums it up! Have fun! 

    Click Here For Generator Land! 


Ahh, vending machines. We love 'em when they generously spit out an extra soda for us, and hate 'em when they give us nothing at all. Well, love 'em or hate 'em, one thing's for sure: They're convenient, cheap, and full of variety (okay that's three things - so shoot me). 

     I don't know about you, but there's been one too many times that I've had to endure the vending machine walk of shame because it either ate my money, spit out the wrong product, or conveniently ran out of the particular snack I wanted.

Click here for more graphics and gifs!     Enter VendASnack.com, the virtual vending machine that carries all of the traditional vending machine favorites yet never runs out of anything! Cleverly set up like a real vending machine, you simply click on the snack you want and choose your desired amount. You can order as many different snacks as you want, as long as you order at least 24 snacks altogether. Whether you choose to order 24 of the same snack or 24 different snacks is up to you, but the site requires that at least 24 snacks - which they call a "snack pack" - be purchased. Each snack costs $1.00, and the most you can purchase of one individual snack is 24 (so if you want 24 Snickers bars, jump right in!). Twenty-Four snacks for $24.00...not bad at all!

     If that's not enough to get you to check out the site, maybe the fact that they have free shipping on ALL orders (no matter how big or small) will! Choose from categories such as chocolate, candy, cookies & crackers, gum & mints, and more! How convenient is that? Head to the site and get your snack on!



     I've been brainstorming ideas for new features to add to the site, and though I came up with quite a few, this one minor but potentially interesting addition took the cake.

     From now on, every Friday will officially be "Blind Bookmark Friday". What this means is that every Friday I will randomly and blindly scroll through my huge and ever-growing list of bookmarked websites/favorites with my eyes closed, and whichever website is highlighted when I open them is the one I will be posting for that day. 

     Now before you start rolling your eyes, you should know that I dedicate a good portion of my life to the discovery of new websites. I have literally thousands of them bookmarked already and the list grows everyday. 

     I very much hope that you enjoy your "surprise website", but please keep in mind that the process of finding the website is completely random. Therefore, you may or may not particularly enjoy the website that is chosen. Remember, it can be absolutely anything! 

     With that said, I am now implementing "Blind Bookmark Friday" into the content of Wall to Wall Websites, and hopefully you will enjoy your completely random surprise websites as much as I do! 
    Keep an eye out for future notices regarding site changes, and bookmark this page for those days where the same old websites just won't cut it!
Glow text generator
     If we say something to someone in the real world, these words may be forgotten over time, however on Facebook everything we post stays on our page indefinitely for all to read. We share our thoughts, deepest emotions, and for some, our entire lives. 

     But where does all this information go? With StatusHistory.com you are able to see statistical data such as which status update generated the most "Likes", how many status updates you've posted in the past two years, which friends commented on and "Liked" your statuses, and more. 

     Also, you can look at a list of all of your past status updates, and for each one view the date and time, the number of "Likes" and the number of comments. You can also narrow the list down by choosing specifically which friend(s) you would like to see comments and/or "Likes" from. Furthermore, you can search your statuses by keyword if you're looking for a status update containing a specific word or topic.

     I don't know about you, but this website surely peaked my interest. If you're interested in seeing your statistical facebook data, head to StatusHistory.com.


click to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own text
     This is probably one of the coolest websites I've seen in a while. With Mosaickr, you are able to create picture and photo mosaics in a few easy steps. You can choose to use their free public version, or for a price you can have access to the commercial version, with more tools and options. 

      This website is very simple to use, but the end result is anything but. First, you'll need to choose a master image, which is the main image you would like to have as your ending result. Then, you get to pick your tile images - all 200 to 500 of them - from either your Flickr albums, or the albums from other Flickr members. 

     When you're done with the previous steps, the last step is to choose the format for your mosaic. You can request to have it sent in jpg format for free, or you can choose from other options which require payment, such as a high definition mosaic poster, among others.

     Within a day or two, your one-of-a-kind, professional-looking mosaic will be delivered to you by e mail, and believe me, you will not be disappointed!

Click Here For Mosaickr!